The sun is cedar’s worst enemy, it will dry the timber out, fade the colour and eventually the timber will start to crack. We have unbelievably strong UV rays in the Southern Lakes area and it is essential to apply protection to your cedar. Applying oil or stain is the equivalent of putting a moisturiser/sunscreen on.

The simple fact is, cedar is a timber that requires maintenance. No matter what you cannot get around this in our area, luckily a little bit of TLC is easy, affordable and effortless. This will keep your home protected from the elements and looking great. 

We can tailer make a Cedar Maintenance program for you so that you will never have to worry about your home losing its original beauty.

Removal of dirt, mould and silvering

IMG_2824 3.JPG

Mid process


Once the cedar is cleaned and resorted, we can then apply your chosen product. This will ensure longevity of the product and keep your timber protected and looking like new.

^ Dryden’s Wood Oil - Colour Oropo